Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register online to submit referrals? 

A. Click on the Apply tab on our website, and fill in the application. Your application will be processed within two business days of receipt.

Q. How can I submit referrals online?

A. Click Here

Q. Can I find quality doctors in the Community Care Associates provider network?

A. Yes. You’ll find board certified physicians that consist of pediatric, internal medicine, family practice and OB/GYN, along with specialty physicians.

Q. What does it cost out of pocket?

A. All preventative exams are covered in full as outlined in the benefits at a glance benefit page. Physician Office visits are covered subject to a $20 Office Copay and Specialists Visits are subject to a $30.00 office Copay. $100 Copay for hospital emergency room visits in-network, additional charges may apply if emergency room is out of network. If admitted emergency room fees are waived, however, emergency room visits are only covered if the condition is deemed life threatening.    The plan encourages members to visit a in-network urgent care facility with a $25 co-pay.

Q. Can I go anywhere in the network as needed?

A.No. You must select a primary care physician (PCP) from our network. If you need to be treated by a specialist your provider will submit a referral to CCA case management for prior approval. 

Q. Who Qualifies?

A. Businesses that maintain a current federal ID#.  Please refer to the Program Handbook for complete outline of eligibility requirements .  Our Provider Network is located in Wayne and Oakland County, it is encouraged that the business be located within these counties.  The HealthChoice Plan is continuously upgrading to meet its members' needs.

Q. Is HealthChoice an insurance?

A.  No, it is a specific program authorized by the State of Michigan.  The HealthChoice Plan is certified as MEC compliant by CMS and is recognized as a Affordable Care Act authorized plan.

Q. What makes Community Care Associates unique?

A. We pay special attention to our members through our case management and member services. We help manage their illnesses before they become life-threatening and offer free health coaching and chronic condition management programs.



Should you have any question regarding service arrangements, please contact our customer services department at 313-961-3100.